The recipe for Black Lives Matter

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As strange as it might sound, I grew up listening, decades ago, to the stories of what is happening today in the USA.

I am the son of two Cuban Communists.

In 1959, when Fidel Castro took over power in Cuba, my father was the General Secretary of the Communist Youth Organization at the University of Havana. My mom, on the other hand, was one of the few people able of showing, in 1959, a double allegiance. As a soldier of Castro’s cells for action and sabotage (plain terrorism), and as a member of the Communist Youth Organization.

So, nothing of what is happening today in the USA is new to me; as I grew up listening to my parent’s stories, mainly my old man’s stories, on how to work “the masses” for “the cause”; or how to follow a recipe, created by the Communists, to generate social turmoil and violence.

A recipe, by the way, that was among the many things that the Cuban communists used to bring Fidel Castro to power.

The first ingredient is to achieve a certain level of penetration inside the group or social institutions being targeted. In the University of Havana of the 1950s that was easy, as the Communists had open and secret militants everywhere.

Once the penetration reaches an adequate level, everything gets reduced to stalking the target and to attack it, at the right moment, with a protocol that can be described as the “Seven Ds recipe”.

  1. Detect, or spot any situation that can be turned into a social justice problem for which you can blame your target. In order to help with the detection, it is always good to have a collection of pre-conceived situations, such as increasing prices, racism, imperialism and a long list of etc.
  2. Disproportionate, or exaggerate the situation as much as you can, until it becomes unacceptable for any well-intentioned person. If possible, the situation must be connected to previous ones. That allows claiming an evil conspiracy. The situation must become “the problem”.
  3. Deceit, or use an already exaggerated situation to introduce half-lies, half-truths or plain fabrications to increase even more the perception of unfairness and the emotional unrest it generates. That allows the gathering of people together and to switch their perception of the problem towards a more general vision. The problem must become “the cause”.
  4. Denounce, or use the already created exaggerations to initiate a campaign blaming your target for a problem that has already turned it into a cause. That allows the introduction of the idea that the cause requires the removal of your target. The cause must become “the solution”.
  5. Divide, or separate the masses into two clearly defined groups, one representing the good people trying to solve an unbearable problem, and another group representing the bad people, or those held responsible, mostly because of their apathy, for the situation. The solution must become “the confrontation”.
  6. Disrupt, or break any bridge that can be used to find a rational or negotiated solution to the problem. Demands must be unattainable, and slogans must be created to reflect that. People must be called names, and any attempt at finding a middle ground must be portrayed as an insult. The confrontation must become “the revolution”.
  7. Destroy or, once the six previous steps have increased the level of indignation up to a certain threshold, call in devastation and release havoc. The masses are called to exercise violence and the organizers try, as much as they can, to encourage the production of victims and martyrs. The revolution must become the source of a new situation.

When the Black Lives Matter protests started I realized, from the very beginning, that their Marxist organizers were following, with only a few differences, the same self-fulfilling recipe I grew up listening to in Cuba. The main difference is that the penetration of the Black Lives Matter movement goes beyond the traditional environments where the Marxists always have a strong level of infiltration.

The sad difference is that the so-called Democratic Party has been deeply penetrated by the Marxist ideologues controlling the Black Lives Matter movement.

Either by conviction, or by an irrational hatred towards the Trump administration, a lot of politicians, of the so-called Democratic Party, have fallen into the “Seven Ds” trap.

I say “sad” because, if History teaches us something, is that those politicians are the first prey disappearing down the jaws of any triumphant Marxist revolution.

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La Habana, 1963. Médico. Bioquímico. Escritor. Desde 1995 vive en Montreal.
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  1. It’s hard to come by educated people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  2. Danyel Yonts dijo:

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely think this website needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the information!


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